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Kenya is a land that has a diversity of experiences to offer and this is thanks to the presence of a good number of destinations. There’s an array of wildlife, rich and diverse cultures to enjoy, paradise like beaches to take away your worries and for your adrenaline activities there are Mountains to show you the skies, Forests full of activities and perfect places for water sporting.


Kenya is notable for magical destinations and the most common are Bush destinations like Masai Mara, Samburu, Tsavo, Amboseli among others ad these give you to experience nature in all her glory where all sorts of wildlife thrive and roam freely in a number of National Game Reserves, Parks and Conservancies.


The second most common are the Beach destinations alongside the Kenyan Coast the likes of Mombasa, Watamu, Malindi, Diani, Kilifi, Shanzu etc. and these gives the chance to experience paradise on earth and experience the pristine azure waters of the ocean greatly blessed with a diverse sea life of their own

Bush & Beach

It is absolutely possible to enjoy the best of both with more included in the package and that is due to the availability of well thought out packages designed to cater for the you that wants to see a great deal of wildlife, enjoy the diverse cultures of the country, feast of some delicious Kenyan cuisine and swim with dolphins in the coast and in between a day in one of the Great Lakes of the Rift Valley can be squeezed creating the ultimate experience.

Imagine your tour goes like this; you start by visiting Samburu where you see some really exotic wildlife in the National Reserve, Interact with the Samburu Community and get a feel of the Kenyan Desert, Proceed to Lake Nakuru National Park and enhance your wildlife experience as well as that of the Lake Ecosystem, head for the Renown Masai Mara and let the Lush plains serve you with the best of both wildlife and the rich Maasai Culture and for the definitive relaxation moment board a train to the Coast where the marvelous Diani will be waiting.

Typically, such trips will take a period of a minimum 5 days as they involve some moving around and longer stays at a destination. The combination of bush and beach experience is one to look forward to and if it’s not in your bucket list already, this is the sign to add it. It is a one-of-a-kind experience and gives a chance to see at the least some wildlife, culture and the exotic beach life of the Kenyan coast.


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