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  • The great migration is the greatest overland movement of the world since the animals cover 800km in the course of each cycle.
  • This migration over sees millions of zebras, antelopes and wildebeest travel across the country.
  • The oldest eco-system on the planet, the Serengeti National Park, boasts a diversity of flora & fauna nonexistence elsewhere on the globe.
  • As a result of hunger, thirst, exhaustion and predator attacks, some of the zebras & wildebeest die every year during the migration.
  • The zebra and the wildebeest eat different parts of the same grass type hence their ability to graze in unanimity.
  • January through march is the period with the highest calving rate since almost half a million wildebeest are born every year.
  • The migration is not a chaotic ruckus movement since wildebeests possess the ‘swam intelligence’ hence enabling them to move systematically and overcome any obstacles as a herd.
  • The migratory herds are followed by the lions living in the Serengeti ecosystem across the cache.
  • The crocodiles in the Mara river preys the herd and attack them by clutching them with their strong jaws, pulling them below the water twisting and breaking them to bite size pieces.

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